Elder Black Metal

Sometime in 2003, borne out of a mutual appreciation for Black Metal and its philosophy, Mesmre (Guitars) and Magister Impurius (Guitars) began writing songs inspired by the follies of mankind and the laborious search for truth.

Ethyr (Drums) was asked to join and the core of Netherkin was established. After a lengthy rehearsal period it became apparent that a vocalist and bassist were needed to complete the vessel.

Arzarkhel (Vocals) and Helthor (Bass) from the Astriaal horde were presented with the material to witch they took an instant liking and were propositioned in 2005.

More rehearsals were undertaken with the complete line up and in April of 2006 Netherkin showcased six songs at an ANZAC day memoriam show in Brisbane, Australia.

A self titled four track demonstration MCD was also recorded in the same month and later released in December 2006.

Netherkin was the first stike of the anvil that went on to unleash the formidable entities Mongrel's Cross and Gol.

- Sate the thirsting essence! -

Limited to 50 editions on high quality audio cassette. First 20 "Sanguine" editions come with Blood Red cases.

The tracks 'A Mortal Terror' and 'Abyssal Monument' can be heard here -